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Thursday, February 17, 2005

The End of the Diet Debate

Which diet is the best? ALL of them and NONE of them.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. It often shocks and disrupts people’s world, but you need to hear it. You ready? Everyone is different.

“Everyone is different”, something everyone knows but yet no one really takes into account when dishing out recommendations and advice. The reason why all diets work is because they worked for at least one person, usually the one telling everyone else about it. And the reason none of the diets work is because no one diet is right for everyone.

So what do you eat? I have made it really simple, are you ready? Eat whatever you inner knowing tells you to eat as long as it is fresh and pure. That is all you have to do. The answers that become relevant are to the questions of what is fresh and pure and how does your inner knowing tell you what to eat?

Fresh means not in a box, not in a can and if you let it set out too long, it will spoil or go bad. A simple guideline is anything around the outside of a grocery store: Fruits, vegetables, bulk nuts and seeds, fish, meat, dairy, etc. This stuff is fresh. Frozen food is better than canned or in a box, but not as good as fresh. So if you have to buy something from the middle of the grocery store, frozen is a better option.

Pure means nothing added. No sugar, sweeteners, artificial ingredients, preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or any other poisons they put on or in your food. Or said another way, like you would find it in nature before man tried to improve it. This usually means organic.

Follow your inner knowing eating fresh and pure food. So what is your inner knowing? Some call it your intuition, your inner intelligence, your gut knowing, your knowing before you think and others. It is that knowing that comes from within your soul or heart that is smarter than your mind. Your inner knowing talks do you all the time and you even hear it, usually many of us just don’t listen.

You know how when you are full and you “know” you should stop eating and often even say it out loud, but then keep eating anyway. This is exactly what I mean. When choosing what to eat your inner knowing will tell you what you “want”. And as long as you are choosing from fresh and pure options, eat whatever your inner knowing tells you to eat. Eat as much or as little as your inner knowing tells you to eat.

Some people want a little more help figuring out exactly what foods are best for them. There is a system out there that actually bases its food recommendations on the unique individual you are. You fill out a survey about you and then you work with a trained advisor to help encourage you and make sure you know exactly what to do. For more information you can go to

When you listen to your inner knowing and choose from fresh and pure options, you will be eating the perfect “diet” for you. No more starvation, no more restrictions. You will have Freedom from the shackles of diets for life.


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